Golden Phoenix’s documentary filmmakers’ projects have been official selections or finalists at the IFP Market, Asian American International Film Festival, Sundance Producers’ Conference Workshop, and the Film/Video Arts Artist-Mentor Documentary Program.  They have screened work at the Angelika Theaters, Anthology Film Archives and Asia Society, as well as to go onto become guest speakers or panelists for the New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Grants Panel, the International Emmy Awards, Festival Roundtables and ethnically specific PBS syndicated talk shows. Projects include: (click highlighted title to view trailers or still slideshow.)

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In Search of Golden Phoenix
An illiterate 103-year Chinese-Burmese woman documents over 80 years of her life in illustrated journals by creating her own hieroglyphic language.
Project # 20021

Number 228 
is a 3-tiered documentary project initiating with a documentary film followed by a narrative feature film adaptation and a stage opera. The story is about the life of Mildred Fish-Harnack, the only American civilian who was beheaded by Hitler’s direct order for her sole involvement in Berlin’s German Resistance movement during WWII. (We are honored to have Meryl Streep, alongside a list of celebrities, narrating this film.) Project # 20082

Jesus of Burma
is a film about the power of western influence and how the acculturation of the Virgin Mary has burgeoned in Asia and Asia America. The story unfolds as her thought-to-be miraculous apparition in Burma changes that culture’s centuries long eastern devotion to Buddhism to a reverence of Jesus as their newfound savior and salvation from corruption, poverty, war and human abuse. Project # 20061

Lost Artisans
In a land where time nearly stood still, artisans keep their traditional art alive from time immemorial, but now all that is about to change...
Project # 20041

What’s That?
Weird foods to you are daily nutrients that keep others alive. Travel the world and discover how other cultures forage, grow, hunt and cook their sustenance.
Project # 20042

The Invisible American Soldier
He is a multiple medaled military veteran officer who worked his way up the ranks, served his country in three wars and carried the Peace flag for the United States at the Korean War Peace, he’s 87-years old and finally telling his story of being a Chinese-American soldier in the U.S. Army. Project # 20091

Chasing Mary
An agnostic filmmaker is requested by special invitation to join an international pilgrimage with thirty-nine Catholic priests and nine nuns to pay homage to the Rosa Mystica Virgin Mary in Italy during the conclave tribute and judgment of Pope John Paul’s successor. Project # 20051

Forgotten Patient
is a documentary film that follows two world-renown female surgeons who devote their free time and own money to change the world one surgery at a time in Senegal, Cambodia, Germany and Switzerland. Their specialties: infant cleft-palate surgery and kidney transplantation. Project # 20101

Mongolian Boroo Mining Project
is a documentary video and stage multi-media project about the commercialization of mining fields and hybrid rice farming ravaging the country’s environment and stripping the indigenous Mongolian population of the natural resources they depend on for sustenance and survival.  Project # 20101

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Golden Phoenix has nurtured and supported writers and screenwriters who have gone on to place in highly competitive programs such as the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, BlueCat International Screenplay Contest, Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship, PAGE International Screenplay Contest,  and the PEN USA Literary Center for Emerging Voices.  Our playwrights have been selected for public readings or workshops at Urban Stages and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.  Projects include:

Ersatz (screenplay)
People in a “hood” strive to be what they are what they are not. Semi-finalist in the BlueCat International Screenplay Contest. Project # 20071

Living Skillet (tv pilot)
is a ½ hr sitcom that goes behind the scenes of a cooking show where everyone is cooked out, worked out and freaked out. The objective for this program is to unveil the real diversity in America’s cuisine, ultimately portraying the definition of “All American Cuisine” as a direct reflection of the real diverse American landscape.
Project # 20002

Jackson Heights (tv series and sitcom for the stage)
takes you around the world in ten blocks. You’ll laugh and cry with the most diverse community in America as it bends with the changes and trauma of gentrification. Meet a cast of the most unusual suspects on stage or screen. As an episodic series for the stage, with weekly episodes and reruns, the intent of this project is to stimulate thought in mainstream audiences to bond and peacefully co-exist in our differences rather than be divided by them. Official Selection of Urban Stages New Play Reading Series. Project # 20081    

Silver Ghost (tv pilot and series)
is a prime-time episodic drama series of dark secret stories behind a vintage 1906 Rolls Royce car now in the hands of a woman who takes an international road trip to meet everyone who previously owned the car. The intent of this project is instilling mainstream audience thought of the rewards reaped by philanthropy and an understanding of global human needs. Project # 20061

Traveling While Standing Still (screenplay)
Two runaway adolescent children teaches an eccentric professor the secrets of survival by dreaming his problems away. A Sundance Screenwriting Lab Finalist.
Project # 20071

Behind the Door (stage play)
is a multi-layered drama within a drama about religion, heroes and the strength of human spirit. After 45 years, Gloria goes to her heritage land on a quest to find her ancestry, but discovers that she never had any family there. The intent of this program is to embrace and respect the needs of cultural identity without segregation, separation or judgment. Project # 20101

Jesus of Burma (novel)
is a companion novel to the documentary film.
Project # 20102
Cauldron (play)
Mythical goddesses save a woman from her psycho-holocaust. Inaugural reading of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe New Play Reading Series. Project # 20001

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Golden Phoenix has established relationships with organizations and educational institutions in the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Cambodia, Burma, Senegal,  and Hong Kong to set a foundation for educational outreach and public awareness programs affiliated with all of its sponsored and supported projects. Our goal is to build a global outreach  for awareness, dialogue and education to as many countries around the world using media as its conduit.